Why Mac is better than Windows

The programmers at Microsoft have put in a lot of effort over the past few releases of Windows (Windows 7, Windows 8) to make things look better on the surface. However, all they did was spruce up the UI, and maybe rewrite some of the more frequently used programs. The other 90% of Windows is really crappy. Here’s a partial list.

  • Windows only supports a limited subset of Unicode. If you open the charmap utility, you can only select about 50%, or maybe less, of all Unicode characters. And it’s only Unicode characters that fit in 2 bytes. Unbelievably crappy by today’s standards. Mac OS, on the other hand, supports every Unicode character that existed when your version of the system was released.
  • On Windows, if you want to take a screenshot, you have to open a clumsy utility called the Snipping Tool, which looks like this:

    Wait a minute. I can’t make it take a screenshot of itself.

    Anyway, once you open the thing, which can take a while, you have to select the type of “snipping” you want to make of the screen, then do the snipping, then save it. That works a lot like the Grab program on Mac.

    On Mac, though, you have another, I think much better option: Just press Command-Shift-4. Drag to create the screenshot, and it is saved on the desktop. (I would use the fancy Unicode characters for the key combo, but see previous paragraph.) If you want just a window, press Space and click the window. If you want the whole screen, press Command-Shift-3, and you’re done. Much simpler.

WYSIWYG vs. HTML vs. Markdown

Here in WordPress, I have two ways I can format my posts:

  • a WYSIWYG editor
  • manually typing HTML

My previous post, Casting can be a Good Thing, had a large amount of code in it. I can’t type tables or inline code in the WYSIWYG editor, and it is difficult to insert preformatted blocks. So I have to either type some basic code in HTML and use the WYSIWYG editor to fill in text, or type it all in HTML. I ended up typing most of that post in HTML.

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